City Treasurer

Summer Tax Bills

Summer tax bills for 2018 will be mailed July 1st and are due August 31st (without penalty). A 3% penalty and 1% per month interest is added after August 31, 2018. Summer taxes include:
  • City Operating Tax
  • County Operating Tax
  • State Education Tax (SET)

Winter Tax Bills

Winter tax bills are mailed by December 1 each year, and are due without penalty by February 14 of each year.

Past Due Taxes

Summer and winter taxes for 2017 can no longer be paid at the City of Marlette. Taxes are considered delinquent and must be paid at Sanilac County Treasurer’s Office in Sandusky, Michigan. Please call 810-648-2127 for delinquent tax pay off amounts, as additional fees have been applied. A subscription to delinquent tax look-up is also available at their website.

The exception is for personal property (business equipment) taxes. Personal property taxes are always paid to the City of Marlette, whether delinquent or not.

Tax Payments

Make all payments payable to the City of Marlette and send them to:
City of Marlette
6436 Morris Street
Marlette, MI 48453